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Rule 3: No stands/specs from other JoJo Games and use their assets, you can use stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or use your stand/spec Idea.

Clown requiem[]



Passive ability: Says a clown deal every 30-60 seconds




Key Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown
Q Time to be funny Will make C L O W N R E Q U I E M APEAR. None None None


NYET 10.5
F YoU gEt WhAt YoU fUcKiNg DeSeRvE mUrAy!1!1!11 GUN GUN GUN GUN 500 DaMaGe NOON 40
Pose a a a

Ok but fr the pose music is here:

aaaaa jk its here:

Evolved Whitesnake[]

(hamburgters idea)Photosythesis gains 2 hp (per sec) during the day!

Obtained by using Heart on White snake


Hp: 750

Attack: S

Defense: S

Speed: A

Key/Passive Name Description Damage/

Effect Duration

LMB Acidic punch A punch that inflicts players with toxins for 3 seconds.

(doesnt stack, also trips)



0.7 - 0
Q Summon Summon Evolved Snake No damage Almost none
E Pathogenic Barrage A barrage that lasts the same as ws and its as slow as ws. Lowers your damage by 0.1% for each hit maxing out at 11.5% (damage bebuff lasts for 6)

(crits dont affect it, And yes i counted each ws hit :/. I think..Debuff doesnt stack.)

20/30! per Punch 5 seconds
R Nucleic punch A hard punch that inflicts toxins for 5 seconds 60/150! Damage


5 seconds
T DNA damage White Snake Shoots A strand of DNA at the player weakening their defenses by 5% weakening lasts for 4 seconds. (stacks,disabled passive healing by 2 seconds) 150 Damage 7 seconds
Y Digestion Evolved snake secretes Enzymes to break down the foe's body. Inflicts acids that lasts for 5 seconds. and weakens (defense) them by 10%. weakness lasts for 6 seconds. (does not stack,Has the radius of the P/S beam once it expands to the fullest) 50/per s


lasts 7s

30 seconds
F Dna EXTRACT Evolved snake and its user slashes at you 3 times,removing DNA and weakening you (defense) by 6% (it also disables passive healing for 6 seconds,does not stack) 60 per hit 15 seconds
V Auto pilot Since Evolved snake has a living heart now You can turn him on auto pilot mode and can freely do anything it wants. Knows how to barrage,punch,strong punch and Shoot DNA. Also its damage is boosted by 10% since it can control itself now. (attacks the person if somone damages you, or if you where already damaged by your foe, you can also use the moves that dont require evolved snake. Also if Evolved snake takes damage you take too!) No Damage 3 seconds

(G+E to heal others)

Bodily repair Evolve snake heals (repairs) your health (body) by forming new cells to repair the damaged ones. 100-/damage

(to self)

10 seconds
C Dash/Dodge Evolved snake and its user dashes No Damage 3 seconds
Z Stand Jump The Stand jumps very high, kinda moving foward also No damage 15 seconds
P Pose White Snakes Theme|White Snakes Theme] No Damage

Off-stand Attacks[]

Key/Passive Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Leg Chop Immobilise your enemy for a moment and inflicting slowness 40 damage 5 seconds


Commanding Command Evolved snake (if V move is used) to walk to the point of the cursor No damage (ofc) 0 seconds
F DISRESPECTFUL SPIT ON YOUR FOES. Inflicts blindness for 1.5 second. (slow projectile and also small) 40 damage 7 seconds
G Cordinated attack. If Evolved snake (if its in Auto pilot mode) Barrages a enemy you can help it by slapping your enemy 3 times. 35 each SLAP 8 second cooldown
LMB Arm Chop C H O P. (stuns) 20/40! damage 4 seconds


No Passive abilities

Obtained by using Bravery on Super Shadow

Key Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown
E Fist Barrage Perform a fist barrage that deals 4 Damage Each Punch and last's 6 Second's. 4 DMG 6 Second's 6.7
R Heavy Punch Charge up a Heavy Punch, Dealing 20 Damage. (Charge Up: 3.4 Second's) 20 DMG 3.4 Second's 10
T Brave Person's Combo 5 Punch Attack's from Undertale, An Kick, Heavy Punch, and a Skull Crusher. 300 DMG 12.6 Second's 30.6

R - Heavy Punch (20 damage)

T - Bravery combo: 5 punch attack from undertale. (60 damage total)

Basically the only real use for it is to make Bete Noire (Seen Below) - lagAdmin02

Bete Noire[]

"You can't hide from your fears forever." ~ Bete Noire

Obtained by using Fear Soul on Bravery S+ Tier Stando

Passive Description
Passive A - "Your soul is very special, Asriel. Mind if I take it? Kumu is hungry." Each kill gives you a soul. (Max Souls: 10 Due to Not RK'ing too much.)
Passive B - Health Regeneration Regenerate 4 Health Every Second.
Key Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown
Q Akumu Will make Akamu Appear. It can also transform itself into Betty's Weapon or Shield. None None None
E Fear Barrage The user does a flurry of punches that does 9 DMG each. 9 Damage 7 Second's 5.5
T Rhapdophobia Bete creates a pink bubble shaped thing that can reflect attacks from sans and from other stands that do big attacks. None None (Until You Press T) 10.5
Y Spear Of Fear Bete can create a pink spear and throw's at enemies. When harvesting soul's, it could be super flashy. 50 Damage None 15
F Hallucination Casting (While In Fusion) Bete is capable of inducing a hallucination upon others, making them unable to move. (Lasts 10 seconds and is just another form of Time Stop) None 10 Second's 30.5
F Life Creation Betty can create Pink Creature(s) which act as her minions (Max 5). They go around collecting souls for her. None None 15.5
Pose Play's Bete Noire's Fight Theme, 1534973033

『Gold Experience Over Heaven』[]

"I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream."

Obtained by using Blessed Orb on Golden Experience Requiem.

Gold Experience Over Heaven appears as a human-like figure, closely designed as Gold Experience, but its colored yellow and white and it also gains wings which are attached to its back, this gives it the ability to fly, replacing its stand jump.

Passive A - "Blessed Healing" you gain 5 health every second.

Passive B - "I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream." You have a 25% to ignore true damage, you also do 1.3x damage to Shadow The World Requiem and Star Platinum Requiem (Including Variants)

E - Pure Gold Barrage: Gold Experience Over Heaven lets out 4 punches then barrages the oponent and ends it with a strong strike dealing Godlike damage, it also has a damage shield deflecting 15% of the damage dealt to you while using this move.

R - Life Energy Overload: Your stand goes infront of you and aims its leg at the head of your enemy, if it lands the enemy's soul escapes from there body making them vulnerable for 3 seconds.

T - Can you avoid Heaven's Golden Destruction?: Gold Experience Over Heaven opens up its wings, firing birds out of them dealing 14 damage each.

Y - Life Dispense Overwrite: Gold Experience Over Heaven heals the person they touch for 45 health.

V + Y - Self Life Dispense Overwrite: Gold Experience Over Heaven heals you for 45 health.

F - Reality Recover: Gold Experience Over Heaven unleashes a unstoppable force, it reverses any types of affects that occurred in the last 60 seconds, if someone attacks you while there is a time stop taking affect you can reverse the time stop and make all the damage you would of taken after the time stop revert to them.

G - Life Energy Overwrite: Gold Experience Over Heaven swings its fist into the enemy's chin, this deals major knockback and Good damage while they also experience weird effects for 2 seconds.

H - Reality Crater: The user gets on Gold Experience's back, then Gold Experience Over Heaven swoops up the enemy and turns there fist into a gorillas, then they punch the enemy slamming them on to the ground dealing Godlike damage.

Z - Take Flight: You hop on Gold Experience Over Heaven's back, then you and your stand fly at major speeds for 20 seconds also, if you run into someone while using this Gold Experience Over Heaven will carry them, if you crash into the ground anyone carried will take Average damage (Carry limit is 3).

STAND: Litch-king (no image available)[]

Obtainble by using Frostmorn on anubis

Frostmorn spawn rate: 1/100 every 30 minutes

no moves

Stand: “I shall give you a chance. Go down two steps and I’ll let you join my side again. But if you’d rather die, than climb those stairs.” – Dio. The World: Clockworks![]

Obtained: Use Clock on Gear Dio Passive A: "The World Is Mine!" You can walk in Stop Time.

Passive B: "I REJECT MY HUMANITY JOJO!" You regen 5 health every 2 seconds.

Passive C: "...AND STANDO POWAH!" You have a 27% chance to ignore True Damage

E: Barrage lasts 10 seconds and does 16 dmg with a 20 second cooldown.

R: Strong punch does 50 dmg with a 25 second cooldown.

F: Stops time for 16 seconds and cooldown is 35 seconds

C: Teleport.

Z: Stand jump.

LMB: punch does 6 dmg.

T: ClockWork Combo is a combo that does a Barrage that does 10 dmg that lasts 3 seconds then uses Strong punch doing 64 dmg and finishing with you teleporting to the person and using Blood Suck regening your health and taking theirs.

V: Blood Suck does 2 dmg but last 7 seconds and takes their life and gives it to you.

G: Pose and Plays Sono Chi No Kioku (with SFX)

Tier: S-S+

-wiz op m8 (i didn't know where i was going with this one, it just sounded cool and i sat here for ages making a moveset cuz i have nothing to do)[]

“Za Hando Za Warudo! Sorry, I just thought both would work.” - Okuyasu[]

Obtained by using an Arrow.

The Hand will have 450 HP.


Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Defense: C

Range: D

Persistence: C

Precision: C

Developmental Potential: C

*NOTE!* The stand will be very close ranged,

Moves for ZA HANDO.

Q - Summon ZA HANDO loudly saying "ZA HANDO GA KESU."

Key Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown
LMB Click A Quick Punch that will deal 15 Damage. 15 Damage None None
E Barrage An Quick, Dangerous Barrage in which ZA HANDO will use it's Right Hand to Erase many times and Left Hand to punch. Deals 50 Damage per swipe and 30 Damage per punch. 50 Damage (per swipe) 30 Damage (per punch) 6 Second's 5
R Erasure Heavy Punch The Hand will slowly start a Heavy Punch (5 Second's) and will Heavy Punch the enemy dealing 120 Damage. 120 Damage 5 Second's 12
F Erasure Swipe ZA HANDO will swipe across the player's body and erase a limb, while doing 150 Damage. 150 Damage None 15
T Erasure Teleport ZA HANdO scrapes away the space between you and the player, teleporting them right in your face. None None None (SPAMMABLE)
Z Stand Jump + Erasure Teleport ZA HANDO does a Stand Jump, then does a swipe with his hand teleporting him forward. None None 13
C Erasure Run ZA HANDO Scrapes away the space in front of you and launches you forward. None None (SPAMMABLE)
G Pose You pose Menacingly and Play "The Hand" (Okuyasu's Theme) None None None

MUI SHAGGY (Troll Stand)[]

dank diary + MUI

H- Unlimited Dodge

Kitchen Gun[]

(Obtained by using Dank Diary on Gun Spec)

Key Move Description Damage Duration Cooldown
Q Gun Summon Just summons Kitchen Gun, your stand/spec. None None None
LMB Click/Shoot Shoot anywhere. 50 Damage None None
E Rapid Fire Goes on for 2 Seconds, 20 Second Cooldown, 10 DMG PER SHOT, Each Second Is 9 Shots. 10 DMG 2 Second's 20 Second Cooldown
R Kick Just kick the enemy if their knocked for a bit. 20 DMG Per Kick None Spammable
T Kitchen Gun! The player in front of the user will be bonked on the head 3 times while the user saying, '"BONK BONK BONK!"', 40 Second Cooldown, 40 DMG per Bonk. 40 DMG, 120 DMG in all. None 40 Second Cooldown
F Hard Shot's Your screen will shake while you're saying, '"BANG BANG BANG!"', 3 shot's will be fired where your cursor is pointing. (Just like every shot.) Each shot will DMG more than a Regular Shot. 20+ Damage None 30 Seconds
B Toilet Grenade Literally just a Grenade, 50 Second Cooldown, 150 DMG. 150 Damage None 50 Second's



'*fast commercial speaking*'

Please reply if i needa fix anything or add new moves

Joseph Joestar's Hamon.[]

{Passive 1} Hamon Healing

Hamon heals the user every 10 Seconds for 1.5% of their health.

{Passive 2} Joestar Technique!

The user's walkspeed is upgraded from 16 to 23.

Use Cracker Volley's on Hamon (Spawn rate is every 30 minutes with a 1/70 chance)

P - Pose, and also Hamon Charge. Plays Joseph's theme for pose aka --> (Joseph's theme)

Q - Cracker Volley Equip (STAND ON MODE)

The user takes our their Cracker Volley's and gets them ready for battle! All moves are now completely changed!

E - Cracker Swing

The user bashes a Cracker Volley at the enemies skull! This deals 75 without Hamon Charge and deals 125 with Hamon Charge. CD is 5 seconds

R - Cracker Volley Boomerang

The user throws both Cracker Volley's at the opponent with a medium sized range and when you never expect it.. BOOM! The Cracker Volley's come back and hit the opponent a second time! This deals 45 for the first hit (75 with hamon) and for the second deals 90 (125 with hamon) CD is 6 seconds

T+ Hold - Soda Chug

The user grabs a Cola and chugs it,while chugging it heals you for 3% of your health each second you hold it for. It lasts for 7 seconds and the cooldown is 20 seconds.


Caesar comes out and shoots bubbles at the nearest opponent! This tracks the opponent and deals 60 damage and there is no Hamon boost.

V - Hamon Dash

The user quickly dashes around 15 studs infront of them and the cooldown is 4 seconds.


Q - Cracker Volley Unequip

The user puts their Cracker Volley's away and is ready to fight fist to fist! ALL moves are now completely changed.

E - Hamon Overdrive

The user uses their Hamon to punch very heavily into the opponent! This deals 60 regularly and deals 80 with Hamon Charge. CD is 5 seconds.

R - Red Aja Beam of Hamon

The user brings out the Red Stone of Aja and channels their Hamon into it,creating a strong beam of Hamon! This deals 100 damage regularly and deals 130 with Hamon. CD is 15 seconds.

T - ¨Your next line is..¨

The user predicts what the opponent will say and stuns the opponent for 2 seconds. CD is 13 seconds.


Similar to Silver Chariot Req, The user yells "NIGERUNDAYO!" and the user speed becomes much faster (10 second cooldown)

Y - Aja Reflection

The user brings out the Red Stone of Aja and uses it to block any attack and reflects it doing half of the original damage. True Damage bypasses this. CD is 20 seconds.

H - Ultimate Lifeform Destruction

The user can only use this at 10% health and lower. The user must put their cursor on any opponent to enter a cutscene with them. The user and opponent are on a erupting volcano onto space and the JH user's (Joseph Hamon) arm comes flying out of the ground and stabs the opponent in the neck. This deals 200 damage and there is no Hamon boost to this move. The JH user also gets volcanic rocks to fling at the opponent and deals 40 damage per rock. There are about 6 rocks,by the way. Each of the places of where they are are randomized,or something. This has a global cooldown of 10 minutes.

V is the same.

B+Hold - Soda Chug

The user grabs a Cola and chugs it,while chugging it heals you for 3% of your health each second you hold it for. It lasts for 7 seconds and the cooldown is 20 seconds.


Passive A-I am god ts does not affect it

Click-20 damage per click

E- bruh barrage does 20 per punch 5 sec cooldown

R-Bruuh Kick Does a super powerfull Kick making the person who was kicked fly and gets ragdolled 50 damage 15 sec cooldown

T-Rock,Paper,Scissors,Shoot has a chance to use rock witch is a strong punch paper is a counter shoot is a gun and Scissors is you summon scissors when u press t again it cuts each does 50 damage. 15 sec cooldown

Y-God heal does a single strike fully healing anyone press y+b at same time to heal your self 15 sec cooldown

F-clones makes clones the first person you attack the clones attack despawn time non they has as much health as your stand does they only punch

H-RASENGAN using the rasengan dealing 100 damage if you have your clones on they can put energy into your rasengan throwing a rasenshuriken dealing 500 damage 200 sec cooldown

V-Speed of light you teleport 3 studs no cooldown

Z-Flight its like when dio is fighting jotaro when dio is flying with the gold aura you can fly inf but 30 sec cooldown

V- Self destruct you self destruct damaging anyone near you within 250 studs killing yourself and them 30 sec cooldown

B-Bruuhh counter you lie there dead waiting for someone to attack you when someone does you counter them like Made in Walmarts counter


E-Fire breath breathing fire from your stands head dealing 5 damage per second with someone in the fire last for 7 seconds 10 second cooldown including 10 seconds of burn damage

R-Neck slice when your opp

opponent are low you can slice there neck of finishing them off no cooldown you can only use this when your opponent is red bar

T-Milk you open a bottle of milk blinding them squrting in there face 50 second cooldown blinds them for 20 seconds and dealing 70 damage

F-Timestop ts for 7 seconds 50 second cool down

H-Heart grab your opponents heart dealing damage over time and making the slower 20 sec cooldown

B-Come to me the person you last damaged if he/she runs away use this move and they will come to you 10 sec cooldown

Anubis + Kindness

Anubis + Bravery

Anubis + Patience

Anubis + Integrity

Anubis + Perseverance

Anubis + Justice

Riddle Acts 1 - 4 (W.I.P)[]

Obtained by using Glaring Pumpkin on Tusk Act 1.

Note:Moveset wont be added yet, tusk act 1 - 3 isnt out yet.


Can be obtained by using a requiem arrow on vampire.

It can dodge like sans. It also has 600 hp. The attacks are E, fireball, R, Chidori, T, Shuriken, Y, Three slashes with a sword, and F, body flicker counter. By using a vampire mask on this you can get Mangekyou Sharingan

Mangekyou Sharingan

Can by obtained by using a vampire mask on Sharingan. The moves are now E, Amaterasu, R, A pull in Chidori that does more damage, Y, a wide slash with the Susanoo blade, and F, You jump up and leave a bunch of Amaterasu flames on the ground. This has 750 Hp, and also has Susanoo combat which has a better block and does 15 damage per hit.


Obtained by Using a Glitch Heart on Made In Heaven

Tier: S+




S++ WORTHY (1600 HP)


Basically the same as the Gaster stand, but attacks do twice as much damage, the attack cooldown is twice as fast, you have twice as much HP, and the hand is different. The picture only shows Celestoth’s right side. On what should be Celestoth’s left cheek, there is a gold-colored diamond shape on it. The awakened form doesn’t deplete damage, but is still at normal mode’s HP. When you have the stand, you become Celestoth, which is like Chariot Requiem. Another thing in the awakened form is that the Glitch Heart appears on Celestoth’s forehead when activated.


I know I look cute and weak, but I'm the son of god, and you'll lose no matter what!

Doomslayer  Spec - Use Doom helmet on standless[]

(Hear me out this sounds like a good idea ngl)

Doom helmet Spawn time Every 1 hour and 30 seconds 1/5000




YOU/SS - 650

Passive A(Unkillable) - User regenerates Health overtime (10 hp every 2 seconds)

Passive B(Too angry to die) - The lower the user's health is the stronger are it's attacks (All moves are affected by this passive,Except Glory kill)

Appearance - Doom slayer, 'nuff said

Lmb - The user throws a punch dealing 10 - 35 (Depending on passive B)

E - Curb stomp - The user performs the curb stomp Dealing 30 true damage (it also stuns the enemy for 2 seconds)    [Cooldown: 7 seconds]

R - Performs a normal Heavy punchh (30-50 Damage depending on passive) [Cooldown 6 seconds]

Y - Chainsaw - The user performs a Slash move using the Chainsaw causing 20 - 40 dmg (This attack causes the 'Bleeding' status effect) [Cooldown: 12 seconds]

T - S H O T G U N - The user shoots the opponent with the Super shotgun Dealing high amounts of damage (100 - 125) [Cooldown:15 seconds]

F - G L O R Y K I L L -  This move can ONLY be used if the opponent's Health is below 25% (This move can instakill even if the opponent is blocking) [Cooldown: 5 minutes] [The user also regains 5% of its health back after performing it]

G - Pose B)) - The user poses while holding the super shotgun upwards,this pose plays "Doom OST - E1M1 - At Doom's Gate"

or "BGF Division"

Z - Super jump - Just a generic Stand jump but with less height [Cooldown: 5 seconds]

C - Dash - The user dashes (about 1.5 studs) [Cooldown: 5 seconds]

X - block - The user blocks Reducing damage


Cosmic orb + Doomslayer 64 - Doomguy with the classic Doom 64 skin.

If your a dev reading this you are epic cool guy and i gib you epic respecc B )


In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer.

Made in China/America (they're the same thing but different skin)[]

Made by using dank diary (for made in china) or valentine flag (for made in America) on made in heaven.

E is a barrage, however it makes squeaky toy sounds.

R is a heavy attack with a toy hammer, it send people flying and does 100 damage (200! on crits)

T is a barrage of happy meal toys

Y is a larger toy.

F is factory machine, where you teleport to the nearest person, put them on a conveyor (which is still) and pound them with your hammer

J is a toy bow

V is spirit bomb but toys

The difference is one, the toys summoned on T, and 2, Made in China is red and yellow, while made in America is the colors of the American flag.



stretch Ur jump is higher

how to get: buy from the shop


-LMB- punches does 20 dmg

-E- barrage does 20 dmg per punch can reach up to about 10 meters the barrage(mid range move)

-R- strong punch does 200 dmg rag doll

-F- gear change cool down per stage change is 100 seconds increases dmg

-C- dodge

-Z- grapple on to anything even people and drag them to you or object to use them to launch yourself

-V- knock people into the walls and they get stuck so u can attack them

God of Memes[]

Passive A- who ever goes near god of memes gets stick bugged dealing 1500 damage.Passive B- able to move in timestop

Passive C- when a enemy gets hit, they get blinded

How to obtain- find a god of memes diary 1/1000000 Chance Every 2 Hours, Use on standless

(the og Spawn time was 1/82397253253287622642424223646236245376843747349374934982348394783498493843483948349 chance of a spawn time of 1999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999, but that is way longer than 24 hours and the devs would never put that in)

Lmb- when you click it sends 2 henry stickmens to do distraction dance distracting the enemy dealing 500 damage

meme barrage- sends a infinite barrage dealing 200 damage per punch, saying NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP

meme punch- god of memes sends a punch dealing 490 damage of a cooldown of 1 second.

meme of the gods of the rick astly- god of memes sends 100 rick astly dealing infinite damage cooldown 400 seconds.

meme timestop- god of memes timestops for infinite seconds you have to alt f4 to have no get out of timestop.

meme flight- flying in the air for 30 seconds and when you land it sends a shockwave dealing 60 damage and of a radius of 10000000 studs.

meme teleport- god of memes teleports where cursor is and of a radius of 261782761261271276761267127612 studs.

meme beam- god of memes summons a beam dealing 500 damage and it looks like pog champ on the beam and its spammable

meme final move- god of memes snaps everyone playing in aut dealing INF damage and its spammable.

meme true final move- god of memes pbans everyone from roblox dealing infinite damage

meme uno reverse card- who ever hits the user will get beat up by rick astly, among us characters and dio using ROAD ROLLA DA!!!


How to obtain find all the stones- all stones and how rare 1361278412732842378462342389269326193123926328936723768312/inf chance for all teh stones this is basically admin stand (this actually is an admin stand)

snaps, Instakilling half of the players in the server

(This is actually an Admin Stand, check out Craxel, MoFlare, Infernasu, etc. Channel, they have Video's Of Some Admin Stand's.)



Stonks u have good income and get more dmg\


LMB-lunaches dealing 40 dmg and launches them in the sky

E- not stonks the opponent get launched downwards dealing 100 dmg

R- Confused stonks does 500 dmg and get them in a zig zag in till they hit a wall


Cosmical is a rare spec that can be obtained by using a cosmic orb on Vampire. It has several strong and somewhat spammable moves that can make it very strong.

Here's the rundown on the stats, moveset and a few other things.

Destructive power: Beyond Galaxies (Very high.)

Speed: ?

Durability: S+


Q: Cosmic Crystals summon:

You call on seven Cosmic Crystals to protect you. This unlocks the spec's whole moveset and also gives you some extra damage reduction.

LMB: Cosmical Crusher Combo

You perform a combo of 3 punches that all do damage between 25-100 depending on how much health you have. The more health, the weaker. If you click once you do one part of the combo. Click again, you do the next.

E: 'It'll do nothing to help, PLANET // SHAPER!'

You perfom a strong kick dealing 55 damage with good knockback. You can only use this move if your cosmic crystals are not revealed.

Q+E: 'Shiny swarm, is it not?'

Your cosmic crystals swarm the player who's closest to your cursor, dealing low damage very fast. Lasts for 5-10 seconds depending on your health.

R: Space-shattering Smash

You stomp the ground leaving behind a large bolt of lightning that delas 95-1000 damage depending on your health. This move can only be performed with your cosmic crystals hidden.

Q+R: 'Godspeed!'

You walk faster than light, leaving behind Time Cracks because time cannot catch up. These Time Cracks deal 10-100 damage depending on how long they have been there for.

T: Timesplosion

You bring all nearby players to you and do a HUGE explosion, cracking time in that area leaving Time Cracks like the Q+R move. The explosion does 250 fixed damage. The Time Cracks function the same as the ones from the Q+R ability.

Q+T: 'Sunt casus youll 'iustus ... quamquam esset mortuus est post haec movent unum.' (this is latin for Chances are though, you'll just be dead after this single move.)

You bring the player that your cursor is on, use your cosmic crystals to shatter them, and then throw them away, dealing 295 damage, or 1000 if you are lower than 200 HP (Max HP for Cosmical is 999.)

Y: Hoddog.

You grab A Universal Hoddog and eat it, healing you for 100 HP.

Q+Y: 'Everything care!'

You use your cosmic crystals to heal the player closest to you, healing them 40 HP. Also increasing their speed for a few seconds because they finally got mental care.

F: 'Non potui non reset cum omni ICTUS unum tamen sunt in via ... TE. Iustum.' (Latin for I could reset it all with a single tap, but YOU are in my way. Just you.'

You bring a THING capable of resetting everything in this universe to you, and once you kill 10 players you can press F again to kill everyone in the server. This has very high cooldown, so use it wisely.

Q+F: 'Reddere quae ...' (Latin for Reset everything...)

You use your cosmic crystals to attack everyone they find within a 90 stud radius.

H: 'Bene, quod est fun ...' (Latin for Well, that was fun...)

You pose while having ALL of your health healed. You can only use this move within 15 seconds after killing a player or boss.

P: Pose

You fly with your cosmic crystals, making a pretty epic pose. Plays 700678673.

I hope you like my idea! Tell me what you think!

- No pickles[]

all you do is erase pickles from existance

- Image

- 「BINGUS」[]


- One simple LMB move

When you click on someone, they get erased from existence, but the move has a global cd of 5 mins :trolled:

- Image

Stand: Mr.President[]

Passive:every time a player hits you,you teleport behind them and poop on them dealing 50 damage.(this can be bypassed by mui and stwr and spr and reaper/hreaper)

Q:Summon Mr.president

E:pee:the user pees on the curser on the target

R:poop volley:The user spins around causing 1/4 of the map being poop

T:Thunder cross split attack

Y:Nutritious poop:whoever steps on the Nutritious poop with get healed by 300 health

F:Poop beam:the user plants a poop that grows and in 10 seconds it will summon a giant poop beam killing everyone in the server.

G:Key mode:The user switches to Key mode witch brings the user to human form and has a key in its hand.

H:Go into room.

P:pose plays wii theme

Key mode:


R:shake key whoever is in the room will take 150 dmg

Scout (Team Fortress 2) "I'm Running Circles around ya!"[]

LMB: Boink! Bonk!

Q: Equip -Sandman- or -Atomizer-

G: Taunt.

G + F: Taunt Kill (Sandman only)

Y: Equip -Force A Nature-, -Back Scatter-, Or -Scattergun-

Z: Drink Bonk! Atomic Punch and go untouchable and run faster. Con to make it fair: You can't attack and it has a 5 min cooldown.

out of ideas for the rest. add me on discord for ideas for the rest of his icons!


Destructive Power: S+

Speed: X++

Durability: A-


Passive A: Speed Of Sound: Your incredible speed makes your attacks completely undodgeable.

Passive B: Gotta Go Fast!: You have a Booz-BOL level walk-speed.

Passive C: Too Fast: You have a 1 in 5 chance to negate an attack.


LMB: Sonic Punch:

You perform a punch that appears and goes at the speed of light (not actually, but you get the point) meaning that it cannot be dodged. At all. This move does 90 damage.


The user starts barraging a victim at the speed of sound, the damage goes up over time. Starts at 1 damage, then to 3 to 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 to 10000 after 10 minutes of barraging have passed. This barrage is endless.

R: X Punch:

A simple heavy punch, except the fact that it isn't simple because it does 250 damage.

T: Ring Throw:

You throw a golden ring at your opponent dealing 25 to 100 damage. The ring can bounce off walls and pierce up to 3 enemies.

Y: 100 Rings Heal:

You heal to full health because you collected 100 rings.

F: Metal Sonic (Ultimate Ability):

You turn into metal Sonic and do a strong dash to plough through the nearest player, insta-killing them.

H: Ring Rain:

It starts to rain rings that heal you but damage others. Each ring heals the user for 10 health and damages others by 15 damage.

C: Sonic Dash:

You perform a powerful dash that boosts you forward quite a distance.

Z: Sonic's On The Run:

You start moving twice as fast as your regular speed! It's the ultimate mobility move!

Reaper Chara- How to obtain: Heart + Reaper[]


Q- Summons the Scythe

E- Determination Cut- Slashes 5 determination slices in front of the user, then lights up and moves forward at a fast rate. Damage: 150- Pros: Moves quickly and travels a high distance. Cons: Takes a bit of time to actually move and is hard to hit- CD- 5 sec

R- Slash- Slices in front of the user and does 200 damage- Pros: High damage- Cons: Hard to hit- CD- 7 sec

T- Scythe Spin- Spins the Scythe around the user, dealing 200 damage at contact- Pros: Does area damage and can get you out of a sticky situation, fast startup time- Cons: Cannot move during the attack- CD- 15 sec

F- Determination Combustion- Stabs the scythe into the ground, a red blast comes out of the ground and does AOE damage and leaves determination slashes all around the area. Blast damage- 350- Determination slash- 75- Pros: High damage, and has large range- Cons: Slow startup- CD- 45 sec

G- Determination Execute- Can only be used when the opponent in question is below 150 health- Put your cursor on someone. A cutscene starts, where the enemy is in a dark room alone on a chair. A dialogue of, "W E L C O M E T O M Y S P E C I A L H E L L." can be seen. Right after the dialogue ends, a giant scythe slams on top of the enemy, instantly killing him/her. This moves heals you and resets all cooldowns in progress.- Pros: one shots, execution. Cons: terribly long CD- CD: 90 seconds

J- Hate mode- Can only be used when below 100 health- Heals you and buffs you. Decreases startup times and increases damage by 75 and decreases all cooldowns by 1 second.- Pros: Buffs you: Cons: Takes a while for it to activate after the button is pressed- CD: Once per life

Made In Zero[]

Made by using cursed orb on MiH.

Has the appearance of The World but the helmet is sideways and the color scheme is black and white

E: Universal Muda Barrage: Does 5 percent per punch, and on critical hits deals true damage

R: Uppercut Arrows: Think Star Platinum Requiems, but the arrows are white. It does true damage and cannot crit. (125 dmg)

T: You throw 6 knives at once, each doing 20 damage.

Y: Heal Barrage: Heals 10 per barrage punch

F: You uppercut the nearest player, time stop for half a second, and RODA ROLLA them.

G: Plays Dio's amendment

J: Five second time stop

Y+B: Self heal (Heals 10 per barrage punch)

This stand has 750 HP

『Ball Breaker』[]

Obtainable by using Cracked Steel Ball on Spin.

Q - Switch modes

Steel Ball Mode[]

E - Rotation Rush: You throw a steel ball towards whoevers infront of you, if it hits ball breaker appears and homes onto the enemy letting out a strong flurry of punches, these punches are weaker compared to other barrages, but it gives a debuff dealing Godlike damage.

R - Spin Infused Right Hook: You swing your arm at the towards the enemys head, you deal Average damage and knock them on the ground for 3 seconds.

T - Left Steel Ball Throw: You throw a Steel Ball at the enemy, it hits them twice when going and coming back for 24 damage each.

Y - Right Steel Ball Throw: You throw a Steel Ball at the enemy, it hits them twice when going and coming back for 24 damage each.

F - Golden Rectangle: You toss herds of Steel Balls at the enemy, if they all hit they rapidly orbit around the enemy, dealing Godlike damage.

B - Zombie Horse: You heal yourself for 65 health.

G - Steel Ball Shotgun: you throw tons of Steel Balls, dealing 34 damage.

Stand Mode[]

E - Ball Breaker Storms: Ball Breaker chops the enemy 3 times dealing 23 damage each.

R - Try This on for Size!: Ball Breaker kicks the enemy, then zooms past them dealing Good damage.

T - The Twist to a Turn: Ball Breaker drives itself into the targets ankle, ragdolling them for 2 seconds and dealing Major damage.

F - Infinite Rotation: Ball Breaker puts the enemy in the air and hits them for 15 seconds, each hit does low damage but the damage stacks up to 125.

B - Wormhole: You can use to move to hit some attacks from far away, but they do less damage.

Z - Valkyrie: You ride on Valkyrie, (Gyro's Horse) you move faster and you can deal mediocre damage to people by running over them.


Obtained by Using a Cursed Orb on Made in Reality

Tier: S+




SSS ALL (666 HP)


LMB: Tri-Requiem Arrows - You shoot 3 requiem arrows at where the cursor is. Each arrow does 200 damage. Cooldown is 3 seconds long.

B: Self-Heal Orb - You make a purple and neon orb and then throw it on yourself, healing 50 damage to yourself. Cooldown is 45 seconds long.

C: Teleport - You teleport to where the cursor is. You can not teleport somewhere where there isn’t terrain. Cooldown is 3 seconds long.

E: Awoken Barrage - Each punch does 15 damage and lasts up to 7.5 seconds. Cooldown is 6 seconds long.

F: Shockwave - A shockwave starts at where the player is and knocks anyone near it as high as Nuclear Star and/or Crystallized’s jump move. Cooldown is 40 seconds long.

X: Block - You block like how most stands do. Cooldown is 7.5 seconds long.

Y: Orb of Healing - You make a purple and neon orb and then throw it in one direction, healing 50 damage to anyone that runs into it. Cooldown is 40 seconds long.

Z: Jump - You jump like how most stands do. Cooldown is 5 seconds long.


Corrupt them all!


The pose is completely equal to STWR’s pose.


Obtained by Using a Glitch Heart on Requiem

Tier: S+






LMB: Reborn Lasers - Sirius shoots laser bullets out of his 6 eyes, which there is 3 on each side. Each laser deals 85 damage, which can lead to 510 damage in total. Aim the attack with the cursor. Cooldown is 2.5 seconds long.

B: Dream - Sirius heals yourself. Each punch heals 15 damage and lasts up to 8.5 seconds. Cooldown is 15 seconds long.

C: Teleport - You teleport to where the cursor is. You can not teleport somewhere where there isn’t terrain. Cooldown is 1 second long.

E: Nightmare Barrage - Each punch does 15 damage and lasts up to 8.5 seconds. If the cursor is on a player, then you teleport behind them and you start barraging them. However, it enables the 1 second long teleport cooldown. Cooldown is 5 seconds long.

F: Timestop - Stops time for 6-7 seconds. Cooldown is 60 seconds long.

X: Block - Sirius creates a dodecahedron-shaped shield around the player and himself. It lasts for up to 15 seconds. Cooldown is 5 seconds.

Y: Dream Barrage - Each punch heals 15 damage and lasts up to 8.5 seconds. If the cursor is on a player, then you teleport behind them and you start barraging them. However, it enables the 1 second long teleport cooldown. Cooldown is 10 seconds long.

Z: Jump - The jump is nearly completely equal to Nuclear Star or Crystallized’s jump, but the cooldown is 3 seconds long.


Truth, beauty, and hatred.


The pose is nearly completely equal to STWR’s pose, but the chair is neon and changes colors in the order of the rainbow instead of just dark purple, and plays 4673651760 instead.


  • The other side of Sirius, which isn’t in the picture, has light yellow eyes instead of light red eyes.

Galaxy Gladiator[]

Used by using a Multiverse Orb (check Items We Want In AUT) on Anubis. It appears as a very large greatsword that the user holds in their hand, the sword is completely black on the blade and gives off white sparkles.


Passive Description
Passive A - Show (OG Name was "Show No Fear!") As your HP lower's, both your own attack's, speed, and damage increase.
Passive B - No (OG Name was "Beyond Galaxies") You ignore true damage and able to move in Timestop.
Passive C - Fear (OG Name was "The Beyond Walker" You have a higher than average movespeed.

Destructive power: ∅ / SHOW

Speed: ? / NO

Durability: ∑ / FEAR


LMB: Galactical Slash:

You swing your sword dealing 50 damage, after this your sword's blade glows neon white for a short moment increasing damage when you have this effect.

E: 'I found these at the edge of space.':

The user pushes their sword into the ground for a moment, unleashing powerful Void Crystals that deal 90 damage.

R: 'The Star Gem is mine!':

The user lunges their sword forwards which deals 65 damage and has godly knockback.

T: Galactic Beam:

You channel all of your power into your hand and fire off a strong beam that lasts for 10 seconds and does 150 contact damage.

F: 'Your quest for the Legendary Zenith is over!' (Ultimate Ability)

The user holds the one and only Star Gem and shatters it, unleashing a godly explosion of Star Power essentially shattering the galaxies, making everyone in the server take 1000 damage.

G: 'Cosmical Shield':

The user pulls out a shield that protects them. Keep in mind that the shield doesn't reduce damage to your health bar, instead the shield itself has a health bar. The shield has 1000 health.

P: Pose

The user enters a fighting stance while their sword glows neon rainbow. Plays 2478467412.

Stand: Holiday (Becomes unobtainable on February 1st)[]


SS in speed (same speed as KCAU)

Strength is A ( 60 base damage)

Durability is S+ (700 health)

Obtained by using a Tundra Arrow on Standless (1/125 Spawn Chance every 30 minutes.)

My Stand: looks completely green with white zigzags on it. Between the zigzags, there is a pattern of white silhouettes of a Christmas tree and circle. The stand also wears a Santa hat.

E - Cold Barrage (Does 15 damage per punch) Barrages the enemy and makes their skin freeze due to how chilly the barrage is.

R - Heavy Punch (30 damage)

F - Let it snow! (Makes it snow within a 25 meter radius, 7 damage per second)

Y - Frozen Ice (40 Damage and Spammable) Throw 5 Frozen Ice at an enemy and stun them for a few seconds.

T - Snowball Throw (150 damage)

U - Snow trail (basically the same thing as a trail after beating an on obby, lasts for 10 seconds) Posing will make the stand cross its arms and get back to back with you and play “Christmas, Don’t be Late” by Alvin and the chipmunks.

N - Will result in you saying “Ho, Ho, Ho” or “Defeating me will be a Christmas Miracle!”

Crazy Diamond OC/Over Christmas (Will become unobtainable on February 1st, like Holiday)[]


Strength: SS+++ (90 base damage)

Speed: S

Durability: S++ (800 health)

Appearance: Has white armor and light blue skin. The hearts are replaced by dark blue snowflakes, and the user will have snowflake particles behind them.

The voice sounds as if it were from an 8-bit game, like DTW


E: Frozen Barrage. the enemy will become unable to move and attacked by a flurry of punches. each punch does 10 damage.

R: Dora Over Christmas. The enemy will be hit with a heavy dora, dealing 100 damage and knocks them back. a player-sized snowflake will be left where the opponent was before being knocked back[]

T: Snowflake Shot. The user will shoot a snowflake, dealing 50 damage. pretty mediocre.

Y: Yo, Angelo. The opponent will be attacked with a barrage dealing 10 damage a punch, and will be trapped in a light cyan rock for 5 seconds afterwards. combine with Snowflake Shot to get a pretty good combo.

H: DID YOU JUST SAY THAT SANTA ISN'T REAL. Crazy Diamond releases an uppercut, launching the opponent into space and dealing 300 damage. can only be used at 100 health or less

F: Healing mode. Replenishes 30 health a hit.

G: Pose. same pose, just plays the remix of Josuke's theme by Kiara Magic


I'll beat the Christmas spirit right into you!

You don't wanna be on my naughty list

Show less


Obtained by Using a DIO's Diary on PLANET // SHAPER

Basically Star Platinum OH but it’s PLANET // SHAPER.


Obtained by Using a Holy Diary on PLANET // SHAPER

Basically Star Platinum OVA but it’s PLANET // SHAPER.


Obtained by Using a DIO’s Diary on PLANET // SHAPER // OVA

Basically Star Platinum OVA OH but it’s PLANET // SHAPER.


Obtained by Using a Cursed Orb on PLANET // SHAPER // OVA // OH

Basically Star Platinum Requiem but it’s PLANET // SHAPER.

The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER[]

Obtained by Using a Vile of Fallen Void on PLANET // SHAPER // REQUIEM






The same look as PLANET // SHAPER, but it’s in black and white.


E - Barrage

The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER unleashes a barrage that goes faster every 0.3 seconds, dealing extremely high damage and lasting for around 8 seconds. Cooldown is 1 second long.

R - Teleportation Punch

The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER throws a punch that deals medium damage and teleports your target a few studs forward, stunning them for a few seconds. Cooldown is 1 second long.

F - Sword Unsheathe

The user pulls a sword out of The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER and swings it twice, dealing medium damage. Cooldown is 1 second long.

Y - Dimension Teleport

The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER teleports the user into space. Cooldown is 1 second long.

H - Beam Creation

The Fallen Queen’s PLANET // SHAPER summons a gravitational beam that pulls everyone in, dealing massive amounts of damage and lasting for around 7 seconds. Cooldown is 1 second long.

C(or C+JUMP) - Leap

The user performs a leap, boosting them forward a few studs. This can be combined with jump to make your leap go further, and it also follows your keybinds. Also the Speed and Range is based at the hp of the User, so higher hp you have, the longer and faster you will get. Cooldown is 1 second long, and the cooldown starts after you land back on the ground. You also can’t leap when you leaped and you’re still in midair.


Christmas PLANET // SHAPER[]

Obtained By Using Present on PLANET // SHAPER

Christmas PLANET // SHAPER Abilities:

Abilities Are At Christmas PLANET // SHAPER

D4C -Love Train- (D4C -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī -Rabu Torein-)[]

"My Heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all of those of 'Justice'." - Funny Valentine, SBR Chapter 89.[]

Passive Description
Passive A - Dimensional Healing Everytime you're in your dimension, you heal.
(Coming Soon)
Key Move Damage Description Duration Cooldown
Q Stand Summon None You summon D4C saying "Dahty Deedzu Dan Darto Cheepu." None 3
E Barrage 20 Damage Throw a lot of fury punches at the enemy screaming "Boni Boni Boni" or another stand cry which can be found in this link: https 4 Seconds 4 Seconds
R Heavy Punch (Dojyaan!) 95 Damage D4C perform's a Heavy Punch and a good knockback to the enemy. 1 Second 10 Seconds
X Block None Reduce Damage, Infinite (Until you stop holding X) 2 Seconds
F Dimensional Hop None D4C uses a American Flag and brings yourself and 2 Other People into your Dimension to escape anyone targeting you and protect the other people you brought into your dimension. 30 Secondss 40 Seconds
T Revolver 145 Damage You move your cursor and click on someone to shoot them. 1 5 - 8 Seconds
B Clone Summon 5 Damage D4C Summons 4 Clones and Each Clone has 50 HP and deals 5 Damage to someone if that person gets hit by your own clones. 60 Seconds (1 Minute)' 25 Seconds
H Dimensional Hop Attack None You bring out a flag that bring's anyone that attacked you nearby into your dimension and they can't attack you, you can attack them. (STWR, SPR, and TA4 can bypass this move.) 60 Seconds (1 Minute)' 40 Seconds
N Quotes None N - Quotes. There are 4 Quotes for this one, which is "Dojyaaaa~~n!" which means "Ta-dah!" in Japanese, "The one who took the first napkin determines everything. The rules of this world are determined by the same principle as 'right, or Left?'! In a society like this table, a state of equilibrium, once one makes the first move everyone must follow! In every era... this world has been operating by this napkin principle.", "I have 'feelings of 'patriotism'. Evert action I have performed was because I judged it to be 'absolutely' for this country's sake.", and "My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all of those of 'Justice'." None None
P Pose None P - Pose. You pose menacingly and play "Love Train by The O'Jays". None None
G LOVE TRAIN! 455 You and D4C become Invincible to any attack for 2 Minutes and show a cutscene where you activate Love Train and Barrage the enemy which lasts 4 Seconds and a Heavy Punch. (Ball Breaker and Tusk Act 4 can bypass Love Train.) 2 Minutes 2 Minutes'

Stats: Destructive Power: SS, Speed: A, Durability: SSS (500)

Original Stats: Destructive Power: A, Speed: A, Range: C, Persistence: A, Precision: A, Developmental Potential: A

Cursed Murder[]

Obtained by using a Holy Diary on Chariot Requiem. Basically, just Chariot Requiem but red.

The World: Star Platinum (WIP)[]

The Space Beyond All Stars:

E Move: Barrage doing 10% damage and would sound like an ora and muda beatdown synced.

R Move: Star Finger but it is a beam that does less percentage damage the farther it goes.

T Move: IGGY! You basically throw Iggy along with a dozen or so knives, eaching doing 5% and blinding.

Y Move: ZA WARUDO: STAR PLATINUIM would be a TS of 15 seconds in which NO ONE CAN MOVE.

F Move: HINAJKU YARE would start the end of the sever by slowly taking over the entire map into a black hole instantly killing anyone in its radius that lasts about 20 seconds.

Z Move: Mini-map pops up and you can teleport anywhere just by clicking a space.

V Move: Simple Dodge move that arcs lightning everywhere.

Add 23 Varations of Sans and Chara

giltch trap[]

obtainble but using the Giltch tape on Purple guy

Q summon

N quote .......

P plays all 16 tapes

E barrage takes like 10 damage each hit

R find all the tapes people will find tapes lying arround and each time they pick it up you grow stronger

X block

F you control a player near by and you get to control them for 3 minutes

T a bunny apears with you and the bunny does 10 damage despawns in 1 minute

H you make a person put all of the tapes together and if they lose they take 500 damage

Chocolate Disco[]

Chocolate Disco is quite unique, as it is not a spec, neither a humanoid stand. It is a stand that takes form of an armband with many numbers and letters. It is also very powerful, in fact the only powerful canon stand if it gets added

User: D-I-S-C-O

Part: Steel Ball Run

Skills: You know coordinates and stuff? Yeah that

U obtain by using a saint corpse part if tusk comes back

Q: Awaken: Chocolate Disco appears on your arm.

Lmb: A regular punch that does 50 dmg (spammable)

F:Grid Trap: You trap people at least 300 studs away in all directions, it also forms a cube, and many numbers and letters will appear on a grid on the floor of the cube (no cooldown, also you have to use it to get the other moves, so long range is it weakness)

E: Steel Ball reflect: You tap a key/coordinate on Chocolate Disco, then a steel ball will fall down on a random enemy. (100 dmg, 3 sec cooldown)

R: Projectile reflect: (note: You have to click it before a projectile lands) You click on the coordinate where the enemy is if a projectile was thrown, and the projectile will fall f=down on them, dealing the crit dmg of that projectile. (5 second cooldown)

T: Acid Bottles: You hold out two acid bottles, then tap a key on Chocolate Disco, the acid bottles fall on someone's head if they are on the grid. (150 dmg 300 crit each bottle. 9 sec cooldown)

Y: Nail Reflect: A key on Chocolate Disco is pressed, and a bunch of nails fall down on someone. (30 dmg each nail, 10 second cooldown)

H: Teleport Human: ( one of the only non canon move) When two or more people are on the grid, this will work. A key on Chocolate Disco is tapped, then a human falls on another human, stunning them both.(300 dmg, 15 second cooldown)

B+H: Alternate Universe Teleport: Valentine appears and waves a flag down, then a clone of an enemy appears. You tap a key on Chocolate Disco and the alternate universe counterpart fuses with the enemy, exploding them both. (600 dmg. 20 second cooldown)

Hanged Man + Emperor[]

Another strong canon stand, except that it is two. Note that it is actually the Hol Horse from HFTF

Obtained by using Mirror Shard on Gun 1/1500 every 3 hrs.


A: U are holding the gun, don't press Q

B: You are fast

C: Basically a power up bar that u fill up five times.

LMB: a regular punch that does 20 dmg (spammable)

T: Slide Kick: This is a regular slide that does 50 dmg 100 crit (spammable)

E: Shots: You shoot 6 bullets. (3 second cooldown, 20 dmg 40 crit each bullet.

R: Headshot: This takes 1 bar. You shoot a bullet that hits the enemy's head, doing a lot of dmg. (300 dmg, 5 second cooldown)

V: Hanged Man: Hanged Man comes out from a reflective surface then stabs the enemy from below, stunning him/her. (5 second cooldown, 50 dmg)

F: Hanged Man Combo: This will take 1 bar from you. A cutscene will play (like TW:HV's g move until it got updated) Hol Horse shoots three holes at the screen, then Hanged Man will appear, it will flash dark then Hanged Man appears next to the victim, then he/she will get stabbed. (700 dmg. 1 minute cooldown)

H: Stand Combo: This will take 3 bars. Whoever your cursor is on will have Hanged Man beat them up, note that you can move during this, leading up to very deadly combos. (10 dmg each hit, he will hit every 0.3 seconds, and it will last 10 seconds. 30 seconds


(reference to one of my favourite roblox games, Cube cavern which unfortunately is now broken after a few updates a few years ago. Also, for some reason saving does not work if I type characters in bold, underlined, etc, so if somebody else could do that for me that would be great.)

SARA is a spec obtained by using a Mysterious Blocky Dagger while standless. The Mysterious Blocky Dagger spawns every 7 minutes with a 1 in 220 chance. It appears as a blocky dagger that the user holds in their hand, just like how the actual spec looks like.

Here are the stats, movesets and a few other things:

Attack: ? / CONFIDENCE

Speed: A++ / SADNESS

Durability: E+ / ANGER

Range: ? / ENVY


Potential: S+ / JOY

Overall: A+ / FEAR

(All of the other names for the stats are references to what each dungeon is cube cavern represents. E.G the red dungeon represents Anger and the blue dungeon represents Sadness.)


Q: Switch Dagger Modes

Switch what mode your dagger is on. Depending on what mode it is on, you get a different buff:

Yellow Mode (yellow dungeon): You get extra knockback every hit.

Blue Mode (blue dungeon): Attack really fast.

Red Mode (red dungeon): Lots of extra damage.

Green Mode (green dungeon): Have a chance to slow those who you hit, also inflicts guaranteed venom on your enemies.

Orange Mode (orange dungeon): Your determination drives you to fight harder. Therefore giving a chance to land a critical hit.

Purple Mode (purple dungeon): You get extra movement speed and have the chance to life-steal every hit.

Black Mode (black dungeon): All buffs above are given but this mode only lasts for a max of 20 seconds.

LMB: Slash

You do a basic slash with your dagger, dealing 20 damage or 50 if you are on red mode or black mode.

E: Water Bottle

The user drinks a bottle of water healing them for 20 health.

R: Gravity Gum

The user eats some gravity gum and gets the ability to fly for 10 seconds.

T: Dagger Throw

You throw your dagger dealing 25 damage or 55 damage on red or black modes.

F: Craft Sword (ultimate ability)

The user crafts a sword with 1 stick, a piece of rope and 2 rocks which makes them a sword. The sword lasts for 5 minutes before devolving back to a dagger but you get a 30 damage buff with the sword. Q modes apply to the sword, too.

J: Moss Ball Throw

The user throws a moss ball dealing 35 damage to whoever gets hit by it.

Z: Run

You gain a 10 second speed boost.

-Scrambled2390, known as Deep_TNTBoss77 on roblocc


if you use determination heart on sans you will get dust sans every kill your attacks damage will increase by 10 and max souls is 50 forgot to mention this is made by badykbk roblox profile[]

LMB Bone sword the player will be sliced with a bone sword deals 50 damage with 0 souls

E Red barrage bones if you have max souls you would have purple bones every bone deals 10 damage with 0 souls

R Gravity control you make the player cant jump it will last 30 seconds 60 seconds cool down

R+hold You will grab the player like normal sans it will last 20 seconds cool down 40 seconds

F Dust Blaster it will have red eyes and blasting a red beam/ if max souls purple beam and eyes 5 seconds cool down

H Bone under the normal player will appear a bone and it will get in his torso and it will damage him and blaster will attack wile the bone is there 10 seconds 50 seconds cool down

Q Rage you will have more damage each attack it will last 3 minutes cool down 150 seconds

Mr. Bye Bye[]

Q= Summon

E= Endless barrage that does 100-200 damage in one hit.

R= One Punch: A heavy punch that does 2000 damage.

T= Gun: A minigun... Does 100 damage each hit. Rate of shots per second:25 Range:infinite

Y=Growth: Makes you 10 times bigger and stronger. Press Y again to get smaller

Y+R=Super Stomp: User stomps really hard (only works in growth mode). Does 5000 damage.

Y+E= Pick Up: User picks up the closest person (only works in growth mode). Picked up people cant do any attacks.

Y+E+E= Throw: When you use Pick Up then press E, you throw the person you are holding in to the ground (only works in growth mode). Kills instantly (even if they are

invincible like Crosshair).

Y+E+R= Crush: Crushes the person you are holding (only works in growth mode). Kills instantly.

Y+E+T= Close-up Shot: Shoots the person you are holding in the head (only works in growth mode). Does 2500 damage.

Y+T= Rocket Launcher: Your minigun transforms into a rocket launcher! Does 5000 damage and also does area damage (only works in growth mode). Cooldown: 5 seconds (note: this move is the only move that has a cooldown.)

F= Timestop: Time stops until you press F again. Noone can move (even the stands that can move in timestop).

G= Cool Music: You and your stand poses. Plays Doom Theme.

H= Superior Combo: Plays a cutscene. You stop time, throw 100 knifes (like TW:HV but i think they made it so TW:HV doesnt do a cutscene anymore), fire your rocket laucher, teleport behind the enemy and snap their neck, and punch so hard that it makes a giant hole in the enemy. You resume time. First, the enemy's neck snappes, then the 100 knifes hit the enemy, after that the rocket explodes. And Mr. Bye Bye says "I... Am... Inevitable" like Thanos. When the enemy spawns, he/she spawns in hell (cuz why not?). He/She cant escape until you release him/her by pressing backspace.

Holding Backspace= Time Erase: Everyone goes where they where earlier and cant attack until you stop holding backspace (inspiration: KC).

Pressing Backspace 5 Times= Universe Collapse: Kicks everyone from the game. The players that got kicked see a message that says "Never mess with Mr. Bye Bye".

P= Hell Teleport: Teleports you to hell. The people that you hold gets teleported too.



"I shall bring hell to all living creatures"

"You shall die for my pleasure"

this took so much time


Holy Milk STWR(admin stand/Special Person Stand)[]

Use Holy Milk On STWR

holy milk is a admin item/item for the creators of this (AWESOMEMASONS And dudkdldc)


Q:Summons A White Version Of STWR And Says HOLY doing a mini explosion doing inf damage because yes

E:Holy Millk Barrage(Does inf damage Per Second)

R: Holy Milk Laser (STWR Fires a laser from a milk bottle Does inf damage and fires 800 of them which target the closest player)

T: Milk Yeet(Player Yeets A Milk Bottle (Spammable And does 500000000000 Damage Per bottle)

Y: User says Milk and flings everybody due to the stringness of the milk

F: ULTIMATE COW( eats every thing, the terrain becomes grass, and evry body becomes mini cows giving their soul)

G:Poses Like STWR Even Having the Same Chair And Plays Delta Noises

H:User Jumps into the air And POURS Holy milk doing Around Inf Damage (range is inf and lasts for 10 minutes cooldown is 3 seconds

P: User Teleports Behind The Person Their Mouse Is on And Makes them drink Holy Milk, they instantly get inf health and inf damage, also buffed speed, lasts for 5 minutes

You Can click Dead Bodys to Get Souls

Max Souls:60

once you reach 60 souls, you can activate ULTRA COOWWWWWW lasts 30 minutes cool down 2 sec

you do not lose your souls after this

passive a(of ULTRA COW): inf health and cant die, unless the user resets

passive b: aura doing 999999999999999 damage per sec

E = you fart and everybody gets flung or killed

R = you breath and everybody gets sucked in

T = holy milks sprout from the ground, breaking the map; can and will happen in all servers killing all

H = you use your final attack and jump up gathering all the milk force then jump down killing everybody including other servers cd 1 sec

regular passive; fast

Secret power if you hit 6 three times a countdown appears which lasts 4:20 minutes

at the start of countdown mooing can be heard

4:00 the "my name jeff" meme plays and everybody dies

3:00 A cow floats above the map mooing

2:00 "DEEZ NUTS HAH GOTTEM" plays killing everybody

1:00 a distorted version of all star plays

0:10 you heard only one thing "this is sponsered by raid shadow legends"

0:00 the map becomes milk the buildings are milk bottles the water is milk and the ground is red

(by AWESOMEMASONS and dudkdldc)


he would look like planet shaper but he would have different color and he has earth planet spinning around his head

The same moves as planet shaper but the damage in every atack is buffed by 20 and the h move is earth crashing into the island

Nuclear Fussion[]

What it looks like = This is a spec that you are. You have green horns that are set on fire. You have a green cross on your chest that spins around and the more kills you have the faster it spins.

How to get = USe a Fusion Machine to combine a cosmic orb and a cured orb to get nucleus. Use this on Futuristic Shadow Dio to get it



Speed - SS

Durability - SSS+ ( Health of 2000, Stamina of 500 )

Destruction Power - SSS



LMB - Portal throw - You throw a portal at the enemy and it teleports them to a random place. CD of 1 sec.

E - Choke - you grab the player in front of you and choke them - 1 dmg per sec - CD of 35 secs.

R - Horn slash - You remove one of your horns off your head and slice in front of you dealing 35 dmg a hit ( 35 x 3 ) - CD of 20 secs.

T - Portal Knives - You open a portal in front of you and send knives flying out for 10 secs - Aims where your cursor is - Each knives does 15 dmg ( 15 x about 40 ) - CD of 45 secs.

R - Destruction - You grab the nearest meteor ( if one has spawned ) fly back and smash it in front of where you were.

F - Teleport - You teleport infinitly - No CD - does 2 dmg to you when you use it

G - POse and you die after 2 secs - plays no music - does 99999999999 dmg to you

H - Summon Spped - Upgrades your speed to 100 sps ( studs per second ) lasts for 20 secs - CD of 35

N - Quotes

"Speed, Fusion and most of all, RADIOACTIVITY"

"iM gOaTeD bRo"

Z - super jump - You jump to space - CD of 15

C - You roll like fightsabre/casey/gun - Spammable

Kid Jotaro (KJ)[]

Appearance: Jotaro but just is small

How to obtain: Use a Sethan Arrow (1/50000 every 30 minutes) on Star Platinum OVA OH


Speed = B, same speed as samurai

Strength = A, 80 base damage

Defense: SSS, 500 Health (Same HP as DTW)


F = Jotaro: The World: Jotaro stops time for 3 seconds

R = Hard ORA!: The opponent will be punched with a single ora, dealing 100 damage and knocking them back.

Y = You truly are the lowest scum in history: Kid Jotaro mercilessly beats down his opponent, With an infinite damage punch at the end. Unlocks at 50 health.

T = You pissed me off...: Jotaro tips his hat for 2 seconds and begins swinging his right fist for 5 seconds afterward, dealing 15 damage a hit

E = ORA! ORA! ORAORAORA: The opponent is hit with a barrage, dealing 10 damage a hit and kid Jotaro screaming ORA. The opponent will be slightly knocked back at the end, and kid Jotaro will get back to back with the user and say "Yare Yare, Dont underestimate me because im a kid."

flushed platinum[]

a spr but yellow and with flushed emoji face on some parts

does bypass rtz

basically a buffed star plat req with percent damage

can be obtained via flushed funy diary on cspr

E: 😳RA BARRAGE - strong spammable barrage that starts at n, im going to explain the math, the damage is n x 2, n being 800, if n changes (800) that will be the new n, so it goes 800, 1600, 3200, etc, did i really have to type this, i couldve said that it will multiply by 2 every second used. this barrage can be used to a total of 10 seconds

R: im the emoji man - very spammable punch that does 234 + 5% of the opponents max hp

T: I go hard but I'm sleepy like a narcoleptic This is very funny and comedic, and this super epic Baby, I don't wanna make a song because I cannot make itI think imma about to go die, need a paramedic This song just goes super fire, need a pyrotechnic - a star finger that does inf damage with 10 sec of cooldown

Y: i am not a medic i am only self-medic - self heal barrage that does the same damage as the 😳RA BARRAGE

F: TS uzer bad!!! 11one!😳 - inf ts

z: inf fly like zenith like why

The user will say "JOTARO" when the stand is summoned < who put this here

My Name Is Jeff(Admin Stand)[]

E: It does a barrage that does 50 damage each and says “My Name Is Jeff” every time it hit’s someone.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

T: Screams “My Name Is Jeff” and kills everyone around that person.

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Y: Drops Bombs and whoever steps on the bomb will get a flash on there screen for 5 seconds saying “My Name Is Jeff”.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

H: Does a giant beam like Planet//Shaper but who ever is close enough to get effected by it will be blinded for 30 seconds while there screen says” My Name Is Jeff.”

Cooldown: 4 mins

N: They stand will say “My Name Is Jeff” while screaming it loud.

G pose plays Yeah BOi space version


Fallen Entity[]


It looks like a breaker blade but it is colored black and releases a black smoke-effect.

How to Obtain:[]

Use Cursed Orb on X-Chara


Destructive Power: SSS

Speed: SSS

Durability: S (600 HP)


Passive 1 - Insatiable Hunger for Power

The user deals percentage damage and runs quite faster.

Passive 2 - Immunity

The user is immune to time stop.



Basic slash. Deals 2% DMG.

E - Triple Combo

Throws two side slashes with high hitboxes and finally lands a downward slash. Each slash deals 5% DMG.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

R - Void Cyclone

Does a 360 degree slash around the user that has a decent range. It also draws the people in if they get hit. Deals 6% DMG.

Cooldown: 7 Seconds

T - Death Strike

Throws a short stab that has very short range. Whoever gets hit deals 20% DMG ans heals the user by 150 HP.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Y - Soul Eater

The user pierces the sword through the ground, and it creates a small field that whoever gets hit, receives 5% DMG and slows down by 20%. It also heals the user by how much damage he deals.

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

F - Final Combo

Basically the E move but with a very big range and the final blow releases spikes that continue to go forwars until it hits a user. The first two slashes deal 15% DMG and the third slash deals 25% DMG. The spikes deal 7% DMG.

Cooldown: 50 Seconds

H - Soul-Seeking Orbs

The user creates 5 dark orbs that target nearby people, dealing 10% on impact.

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

J - The beginning of the end

The user goes up to the sky and releases a meteor shower that can cover almost the entire map. Each meteor deals 8% DMG and 4% splash DMG. The meteor shower lasts for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 Minutes (This cooldown is universal, so there is no point resetting your character to reduce the cooldown)

Z - Soul Boost

The user is granted a whopping 60% speed boost that lasts for 10 seconds but receives 20% more damage and the user can't attack.

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

C - Void Strife

The user dashes in a direction that considerably has long range, and deals 2% DMG to whoever gets hit.

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

V - Warp

The user can teleport to any location within a very big radius.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

B - Thorn Field

The user summons a field of spikes in front of him, dealing 3% DMG per hit.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

G - Pose

The user poses, playing TheUnder - Fire




It looks like a sword with pink, blue, and white variants.

How to Obtain:[]

Use Dank Diary on X-Chara


Destructive Power: This is

Speed: a

Durability: Terraria reference


Passive 1 - Cute Aggression

Because of its cuteness, or rather annoyance, the user runs faster.

Passive 2 - True Melee Weapon

Since it's a true melee weapon, it deals true damage.


LMB - Pow!

The user slashes at the enemy, dealing 30 DMG.

E - Rage Mode

The user lashes out, releasing a barrage of slashes, each dealing 40 DMG.

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

R - The Actual Ability

The user summons a cat from the sword, dealing 30 DMG on hit, and bounces 4 times before despawning. The cat is a projectile, meaning it is affected by gravity.

Cooldown: 0 Seconds (spammable)

T - Swish!

The user goes on rage mode, striking the sword 360 degrees 10 times before he takes a rest from rage mode. Deals 15 DMG on hit.

Cooldown: 9 Seconds

Y - Heal Potion

The user drinks a supreme health potion, recovering 150 HP.

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

F - Tryhard Rage Mode

The user will shoot lots of cats in a direction for 20 seconds, dealing 50 DMG instead of 30 DMG.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Z - Stand Jump

Generic stand jump.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

C - Dash

The user dashes, although it was longer distance.

Cooldown: 1 Seconds (spammable)

G - Pose

The user poses, playing Terraria theme.


Cosmic Killer Queen[]


Killer Queen is a visibly muscular humanoid Stand about as tall as Kira himself, light in color overall. In both the manga and anime, it is portrayed as light pink, while in the All Star Battle video game, it is portrayed as white.

Its crown is flat, while two sharp, triangular shapes resembling cat ears stand on both sides of the top of its head. Its eyes comprise cat-like vertical pupils in front of its generally light-colored sclera. It has no nose, and its thin-lipped mouth is perpetually closed. It wears dark, studded, leather-like forearm-length gloves, mirrored in style by a garter belt-like band at its waist and ankle-height footwear. Its thumbs are additionally bandaged in white. On it's index finger's middle phalanx, there is a small red button similar to those found on stereotypical detonators. Four short spikes line the top of its back. Its shoulders, the back of its hands, belt buckle, a plate hanging in front of its crotch, both sides of its ankles and the top of its feet all bear the emblem of a skull with ears resembling its own, in varying sizes and external decoration. In the anime, after receiving the third bomb, Killer Queen's eyes adopt a deep glow.

Instead of having pink skin, its skin is black and its accessories are glowing.


Destructive Power: SSS

Speed: A

Durability: S (500 HP)

How to Obtain:[]

Use Cosmic Orb on Killer Queen (while on Bites the Dust mode)


Passive - Full Control

CKQ can now apply bomb effect on multiple enemies. The bomb effect disappears when the user dies.


LMB - Basic Punch

CKQ throws a basic punch at the enemy, dealing 20 damage.

E - SHIBOBO Barrage

CKQ releases a flurry of punches, each punch dealing 12 damage.

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

R - Primary Void Bomb

CKQ throws a heavy punch at an enemy, dealing 80 damage. If it lands, the user will now have the bomb effect.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

B - Detonate

The user detonates whoever has the bomb effect, dealing 60 damage upon explosion and draws other people in. The people who are a bit further from the blast radius receive smaller damage.

Cooldown: 3 Seconds

T - Sheer Void Attack

CKQ summons SVA, which targets the closest target, dealing 100 damage on impact. If there is no one nearby, it will teleport to a random target within 100 studs. SVA despawns after 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 40 Seconds

Y - Bearing Blast

CKQ shoots a small black hole in a direction, dealing 60 damage on hit. This also implants the bomb effect.

Cooldown: 7 Seconds

F - Bites The Dust

The user punches a target, dealing only 30 damage. But it activates the Bites The Dust mode.

H - Atom Heart Father

The user calls Atom Heart Father, which targets nearby enemies, dealing 20 damage per hit. Atom Heart Father is fast, but only has 200 HP.

Cooldown: 50 Seconds

Z - Blast Jump

A generic stand jump but once the user jumps, the ground explodes, dealing 40 AOE damage.

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

C - Dash

A generic dash.

Cooldown: 2 Seconds.

V - Disguise

The user punches someone, instantly killing them. Then, the user disguises as the victim until he dies.

Cooldown: 100 Seconds

This is a WIP, meaning I'll edit this soon

Cursed Requiem[]


Destructive Power- SSS+

Speed- (does the same speed as casey)- SSS+

Durability- (666 health) SSS+

Obtained by using a cursed orb on silver chariot

basically sc but with wings and horns like stwr


Cursed Requiem does a barrage that does 13 dmg every hit


Cursed Requiem grabs the nearest user and flings them to space- does 666 dmg


Boosts your speed, attack, health by 100 for 3 minutes


Cursed Requiem does a barrage that heals 13 health a second- lasts for 30 seconds


gives you 400 more health and 10 second cooldown


damages everyone in the server by 100 health every second and lasts for 20 seconds- cooldown is 666 seconds


whats the point of having wings on ur stando if you cant fly- 20 second cooldown


Teleports 20 steps ahead of you and has a 0.1 cooldown- GREAT FOR RUNNING


this is basically like a block but when someone hits you you teleport behind him/her and do a Requiem Overthrow- same cd as requiem overthrow


"Keep trying nub" and "SO YOU WANT TO GET BEATEN, HUH???


does the stwr pose but with the sc theme

Blue Guy[]

(saving pages doesn't work for me when i try to make any kind of text except normal text, so if somebody else could do that for me that would be great)

Blue guy is a spec that I think should just be exclusive to me, Deep_TNTBoss77. I don't see much reason as to it being a public spec but if it does become a public spec you'll use a holy diary on the Gun spec.

What It Looks Like:

It looks exactly like my avatar, which you can find here: (Note: I change my avatar sometimes but if my avatar looks like a blue security guy, that's the avatar model I want for Blue Guy.)


Destructive power: A++

Speed: ?

Durability: C+++


LMB: Knife

The user does a basic stab with a knife.

E: Gun Mode

You switch to gun mode. The only thing it does is changes the LMB move from a knife stab to firing a gun.

R: Knife Throw

The user throws a knife.

T: Kick

The user performs a kick that is identical to the gun spec's kick.

G: Pose

The user does a 'pose'. 152828706 plays while the user does the orange justice dance.

Tusk ★ Form[]


Shiny Tusk ★ Form[]


Chaos Act 1[]

Obtained by Using a Chaos Arrow on Standless

Tier: B-




B- (300 HP)


E: Chaos Zone - Summons 12 harmless black orbs that move into the direction of the user’s cursor’s location, which then turn red and are fired at the location of the user’s cursor, exploding on impact and doing 33 damage each. Cooldown is 7 seconds long.



Chaos Act 2[]

Obtained by Using a Death Note on Chaos Act 1

Tier: B+




B+ (600 HP)


E: Chaos Zone - Summons 12 harmless black orbs that move into the direction of the user’s cursor’s location, which then turn red and are fired at the location of the user’s cursor, exploding on impact and doing 33 damage each. Cooldown is 7 seconds long.

R: Space-Time Rupture - Summons three red beams from above that follow the user's cursor, creating multiple explosions upon contact with a solid object that deal 17 damage each, before releasing one last slightly larger explosion that deals 130 damage. The Spell can deal about 550 damage overall. The range of the beams slowly increases for the duration of the Spell and their explosions will stack the longer they go without touching a solid object. Cooldown is 8 seconds long.


What does that mean?

Chaos Act 3[]

Obtained by Using a Death Note on Chaos Act 2

Tier: A




A (900 HP)


E: Chaos Zone - Summons 12 harmless black orbs that move into the direction of the user’s cursor’s location, which then turn red and are fired at the location of the user’s cursor, exploding on impact and doing 33 damage each. Cooldown in 7 seconds long.

R: Space-Time Rupture - Summons three red beams from above that follow the user's cursor, creating multiple explosions upon contact with a solid object that deal 17 damage each, before releasing one last slightly larger explosion that deals 130 damage. The Spell can deal about 550 damage overall. The range of the beams slowly increases for the duration of the Spell and their explosions will stack the longer they go without touching a solid object. Cooldown is 8 seconds long.

T: Disorder Ignition - Grabs the nearest enemy, lifts them up into the air, and then kicks them back, doing 125 damage and igniting them with black and purple flames, and creating a black line between the user and the enemy that lasts for 6 seconds. While the black line is visible, the user will heal 10 health over time, and can heal up to a total of about 120 health. The user can also swap places with their victim by pressing the "C" key on their keyboard while the black line is visible, but both players will be unable to use their moves for an approximate second when swapping places. Cooldown is 10 seconds long.


I need to rest to grow.

Chaos Act 4[]

Obtained by Using a Death Note on Chaos Act 3

Tier: S-




SS- (1200 HP)


E: Chaos Zone - Summons 12 harmless black orbs that move into the direction of the user’s cursor’s location, which then turn red and are fired at the location of the user’s cursor, exploding on impact and doing 33 damage each. Cooldown in 7 seconds long.

R: Space-Time Rupture - Summons three red beams from above that follow the user's cursor, creating multiple explosions upon contact with a solid object that deal 17 damage each, before releasing one last slightly larger explosion that deals 130 damage. The Spell can deal about 550 damage overall. The range of the beams slowly increases for the duration of the Spell and their explosions will stack the longer they go without touching a solid object. Cooldown is 8 seconds long.

T: Disorder Ignition - Grabs the nearest enemy, lifts them up into the air, and then kicks them back, doing 125 damage and igniting them with black and purple flames, and creating a black line between the user and the enemy that lasts for 6 seconds. While the black line is visible, the user will heal 10 health over time, and can heal up to a total of about 120 health. The user can also swap places with their victim by pressing the "C" key on their keyboard while the black line is visible, but both players will be unable to use their moves for an approximate second when swapping places. Cooldown is 10 seconds long.

Y: Order Break - Fires a large, long, and narrow pink blast into the direction of the user's cursor's location, doing constant 90 damage to enemies and knocking them back. The damage and the knockback increases the closer the enemy is to the user, doing up to a maximum total of about 360 damage. Cooldown is 7 seconds long.


This is my final form, so be ready!

Chaos ★ Form[]

Obtained by Using a Cursed Orb on Chaos Act 4

Tier: S+





S+ (1500 HP)


E: Chaos Zone - Summons 12 harmless black orbs that move into the direction of the user’s cursor’s location, which then turn red and are fired at the location of the user’s cursor, exploding on impact and doing 33 damage each. Cooldown in 7 seconds long.

R: Space-Time Rupture - Summons three red beams from above that follow the user's cursor, creating multiple explosions upon contact with a solid object that deal 17 damage each, before releasing one last slightly larger explosion that deals 130 damage. The Spell can deal about 550 damage overall. The range of the beams slowly increases for the duration of the Spell and their explosions will stack the longer they go without touching a solid object. Cooldown is 8 seconds long.

T: Disorder Ignition - Grabs the nearest enemy, lifts them up into the air, and then kicks them back, doing 125 damage and igniting them with black and purple flames, and creating a black line between the user and the enemy that lasts for 6 seconds. While the black line is visible, the user will heal 10 health over time, and can heal up to a total of about 120 health. The user can also swap places with their victim by pressing the "C" key on their keyboard while the black line is visible, but both players will be unable to use their moves for an approximate second when swapping places. Cooldown is 10 seconds long.

Y: Order Break - Fires a large, long, and narrow pink blast into the direction of the user's cursor's location, doing constant 90 damage to enemies and knocking them back. The damage and the knockback increases the closer the enemy is to the user, doing up to a maximum total of about 360 damage. Cooldown is 7 seconds long.

U: Swords Dance - The user rises into the air and surrounds themselves with 10 red swords, which then start slashing and moving into the direction of the user's cursor's location, stunning enemies that get near and doing 36 damage to them over time. When the Ultimate ends, the swords will gather in one spot and then quickly move into the enemies, exploding upon impact and doing 11 damage each. The Ultimate can deal about 614 damage overall. If there are no enemies within range of the Ultimate when it ends, the swords will be fired at the location of the user's cursor. Cooldown is 90 seconds long.


Was this being hidden from me? I think this is my...STAR FORM!

Toxic Platinum[]

Obtained by using toxic person's diary on JSP

H: Get good kid bonk- Flings you into the sky and you fall back down dealing 50 DMG

LMB: EZ LOL- A slap dealing 1 DMG

The World Beyond The Universe[]

Obtain by using black hole on the world over heaven

Passive - you are able to move in time stop

LMB: Basic punch (12 DMG)

E: Universe Crashing Barrage - does a insanely fast barrage dealing 18 - 24 DMG per punch (6 sec cd)

R: Universe Shattering punch - does a heavy punch dealing 180 DMG (8 sec cd)

T: Universal Knifes - the user throws three knifes infront of them dealing 75 DMG if all landed

Y: Heal - Heals 45% of the players HP (20 sec cd)

B + Y: Self Heal - Heals 40% of your HP (25 sec cd)

G: "You cannot escape!" - you stop time and plays an animation where you throw A LOT of knifes all around the victim, deals 800+ DMG if all hit (1 minute cd)

H + Hold: Universe Tearing Stingy Eyes - you charge for 3 sec before unleashing three lasers from your eyes each dealing 35 DMG (12,5 sec cd)

F: Time Stop - does an instant ts that last for 13 sec (1 minute GLOBAL cd)

V: Teleport - a time skip with no range limit (5,5 sec cd)

Can also be upgraded using broken reality on it


Destructive Power: SS+

Speed: X

Durability: SS

Glitched The World[]

Use Glitched Orb on The World to get it

E: Us€l€ss! - Glitched The World does a kick barrage doing 50 damage and lasting for 50 seconds. Has a 5 seconds cooldown

R: WrRYy! - Glitched The World does a damage dealing 200 damage + knocking the opponet. Has a 10 seconds cooldow

T: YoU h@v€ gOn€ p@L€ - Glitched The World throws a glitchy knife dealing 50 damage and having NO cooldown meaning you can spam it.

Y: MuD@! - Glitched The World does a kick attack that flings the people and dealing 100 damage. Has a 7 seconds cooldown

F: Th€ WoRld! TiM€ Is OnLy mIn€! - The world stops time for 20 seconds having 30 seconds cooldown.

F + Y: SHıN€i K@KyoIn! - Glitched The World does a donut move on the player while on timestop dealing 10000000 damage. Has a 10 seconds cooldown.

Glitched Star Platinum[]

Use Glitched Orb on Star Platinum to get it

E: Or@ Or@ Or@ Or@ ! - Star Platinum barrages the opponet dealing 100 damage and lasting for 51 seconds. Has a 6 seconds cooldown

R: Or@! - Glitched Star Platinum punches the opponet dealing 200 damage and making a huge knockback. Has a 9 seconds cooldown.

T: St@R fInGer! - Glitched Star Platinum makes a loooooong finger dealing the opponet 50 damage. Has 4 seconds cooldown.

Y: IgGy! - Glitched Star Platinum throws Glitched IgGy to opponet dealing 50 damage having a 1 seconds cooldown which means its spamabble

F: ST@R Pl@tİnUm z@ WaRuD0! - Glitched Star platinum stops time for 15 seconds and having 20 seconds cooldown.



WaNnA HaVe A bAd ToM???!! - Sanes saying it while playing

How to obtain: Using a Tom Diary on Sans

Passive A: Dodge - You will not think your gonna stand there and take it

Has 1000 Stamina

E: Bone hell - Sanes throws 20 bones each dealing 30 damage and has a 1 seconds cooldown (50 Stamina cost)

R: Gravity control - Sanes controls opponets soul for 10 seconds that can do combos with that attack making players unfair for it (100 Stamina cost)

T: Bone Zone - Sanes will auto - aim a bone zone on the opponet who's closer to him that dealing 200 damage. Has a 3.5 seconds cooldown (100 Stamina costs)

F: Tom Blaster - Sanes makes a blaster but its a tom that blasts the opponet doing 100 damage that has 1.5 seconds cooldown (SPAMABBLE) (10 Stamina cost)

H: Tom Blasters - Sanes makes 10 Tom blasters that each dealing 50 damage with a 5 seconds cooldown (200 Stamina cost)

B: Fake Sleep - Sans will sleep (will do a ZZzZZz animation) and will not move with this attack, when a player hits him while with the attack Sanes will teleport behind him and say ''I like ya cut g'' and slapping the opponet doing 100000000000 damage. Has a 10 seconds cooldown (400 Stamina cost)

Z: Tom ride - Sanes makes a tom blaster and riding it to escape players If he has a low stamina ( 0 Stamina cost)

C: Shift - Sans will shift where he is looking and having a 1 cooldown (1 Stamina cost)